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Featured Associates

Nathalie Giger

Nathalie Giger is Associate Professor at the Department for Political Science and International Relations at the University of Geneva. Before, she was affiliated with the University of Zürich, the University of Mannheim (Mannheim Centre for European Social Research) and the University of Bern. In her research, she studies processes of political opinion formation and is interested in questions of the interplay between citizens and political elites, especially inequality in representation. She has published numerous journal articles on this topic.

Timothy Bartley is Professor at the Earth Commons Institute and Department of Sociology, Georgetown University. He has published articles on social movements, regulation, and transnational fields in the American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Social Problems, the Socio-Economic Review, and other journals. Tim’s research focuses on inequality and accountability in global production networks. He is especially interested in social movements and standards pertaining to labor rights and environmental justice.

Simon is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Syracuse University. He studies democratic representation and accountability, and factors that impede it. His main area of research is the role of money in politics. He also works on the measurement of elite political communication, and analyze its causes and consequences.