Roman Krtsch

Roman Krtsch is a postdoctoral researcher at the Cluster of Excellence “The Politics of Inequality”. He obtained his PhD in Political Science from Osnabrück University and his MA in Politics and Public Administration / Politics and International Studies from the Universities of Konstanz and Warwick (Double Degree program).

Roman’s academic work centers on the determinants and outcomes of civil resistance. He is specifically interested in the actors participating in protest events. His past research focused in particular on protests during and after civil wars and explored under which conditions both civilians and armed actors resort to tactics of civil resistance. In his current work, Roman examines protest mobilization by individuals and political parties, with an emphasis on the role of political and environmental inequalities as drivers of collective action.


Research Group: International Politics - Global Inequality

Research interests:

- Protests and civil resistance

- Civil wars and conflict dynamics

- Democratization