Die Promovierenden am Cluster verfolgen ihre Projekte als Teil von Cluster-Projektteams oder als Independent Doctoral Researchers in Zusammenarbeit mit einer*m Mentor*in aus der Reihe der Principal Investigators.



Anna Apostolidou

The Integration of Migrant Workers in the Workplace

Fabian Bergmann

Horizontal Inequality in Egalitarian Societies? The Sámi in Norway and Sweden

Ole Brüggemann

Perceptions of Wage Inequality in the Organizational Context  (Titel wurde auf Deutsch festgelegt: "Wahrnehmung von Lohnungleichheiten im betriebsspezifischen Kontext")

Valentina Consiglio

The Social and Geographical Roots of Economic Opportunity (Mis-)perceptions and their Political Consequences

Ingrid Espinoza

Patterns of Discrimination in Street-Level Bureaucracy

Anselm Fliethmann

How Refugees in Germany Are Framed as Being (Un-)Deserving, and How These Frames Impact Public Opinion

Laurin Friedrich

Public Administration in Times of Political Polarization - How Ideological Conflicts Affect Public Service Delivery at the Frontlines of German Welfare Bureaucracy

Lea Haiges

Between Reality and Perception: The Role of Ethnic Parties in Constructing Grievances

Moath Hussien

Selection into Leadership and Perceptions of Inequality: The Case of Consistency

Viktoria Jansesberger

Extrem Weather Events in Urban Areas: Hotbeds for Riots and Protest? 

Mark Kapteina

Three Essays in Public Economics

Ann-Sophie Lauterbach

Causal Evidence about New Work Environments

Olga Leshchenko

Flexible Employment and Work-Family Conflict: The Role of Unpaid Work, Institutions, and Culture

Lisa Mende

The Implementation of Citizenship Policy

Katja Pomianowicz

Immigrant Educational Inequalities Compared: The Influence of Tracking on Different Educational Outcomes from a Life-Course Perspective.

Simon Rittershaus

Does the Green State Undermine Equality in Advanced Democracies?

Oliver Schlenker

Essays on Labor Economics

Sven-Patrick Schmid

Indigenous Legislation in Latin America, 1979-2018

Oleksandr Shevchuk

Financial Crises, Left-Right Polarization and Economic Inequality

Wassiliki Siskou


Sophia Stutzmann

The Political Consequences of Labour Market Change Through the Green Transition

Patrick Sullivan

Information Provision and Support for Redistribution: Evidence From Survey Experiments

Gerlinde Theunissen

How Context Matters - The Consequences of the Individual Socio-Economic Context on Citizens’ Perceptions, Political Preferences, and Actions in Non-OECD Countries.

Theresa Wieland

Inequality and Climate Change

Qi Yu

Automated Detection of Linguistic Cues for Framing

Sergio Eugenio Zanotto                                                 

Analysis of Italian Political Discourse: How Language Influences Political Preferences