In_equality Colloquium Summer 2023

The In_equality Colloquium takes place in Room Y213. Talks are being livestreamed via Zoom.

The colloquium usually takes place on Tuesdays, 11:45 a.m. MET. Cluster members and registered guest receive participation information in time for each event. Guests are cordially welcome - please register (↓↓ bottom of the page ↓↓) to receive information on each talk.


09 May 2023
David Garcia (University of Konstanz)

13 June 2023
Annette Hautli-Janisz and Steffen Eckhard (Project: Inequality in the Streets)

20 June 2023
Philippe van Parijs (University of Louvain)

27 June 2023
J. Joseph Errington (Yale University)

04 July 2023
Kathleen Thelen (MIT)

11 July 2023
Jean Beaman (UC Santa Barbara)

18 July 2023
Lea Haiges and Christina Zuber (Project: Mobilizing Inequalities)

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