In_equality Colloquium Winter 23/24

The In_equality Colloquium takes place in Room Y213. Talks are being livestreamed via Zoom. The colloquium usually takes place on Tuesdays, 11:45 a.m. MET. Cluster members and registered guest receive participation information in time for each event. Guests are cordially welcome - please register (↓↓ bottom of the page ↓↓) to receive information on each talk.


31 October 2023
Between Beveridge and Bismarck: Preferences for Redistribution through Public Pensions
Maj-Britt Sterba/Friedrich Breyer, University of Konstanz

7 November 2023
The (Mis)Perception of Economic Inequality: The Impact of Welfare State Institutions on Social Perception and Preference Formation (PERGAP)
Simone Maria Schneider, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

14 November 2023
The Returns to Power: A Political Theory of Economic Inequality
Thomas Remington, Harvard University/Emory University

21 November 2023
Struggling males in democratic politics? Towards a research agenda
Staffan Kumlin, University of Oslo

12 December 2023
Gendered policy making? Access of female MPs to legislative committees in German State legislatures
Vera Troeger, Universität Hamburg

16 January 2024
Contextual Factors for Integrating Migrants at the Workplace
Florian Kunze, University of Konstanz

23 January 2024
Social mobility and populism
Jane Gingrich, University of Oxford

20 February 2024 (online) 15:15-16:20
Power and progress: Our thousand-year struggle over technology and prosperity
Daron Acemoğlu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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