In_equality Colloquium

In_equality Colloquium Summer Term 2024

The In_equality Colloquium takes place in Room Y213. Talks are being livestreamed via Zoom. The colloquium usually takes place on Tuesdays, 11:45 a.m. MET. Cluster members and registered guest receive participation information in time for each event. Guests are cordially welcome - please register (↓↓ bottom of the page ↓↓) to receive information on each talk.


30 April 2024

"Changing Fertility and Heterogeneous Motherhood Effects: Revisting the Effects of a Parental Benefits" 
Bernd Fitzenberger, IAB Nuremberg

07 May 2024

"Is Inequality the Problem?"
Lane Kenworthy, University of California-San Diego

21 May 2024

The Geography of Discontent: Historical Turnout Decline and the Rise of Populism in Europe”
Pablo Beramendi, Duke University

04 June 2024

How Our Voices Sound Matters: What Inferred Social Attributes of Talkers Tell Us about Cognition and Society
Meghan Sumner, Stanford University

11 June 2024

Underrepresentation of the Poor in Budgeting Decisions: How Far Does It Exist, and Can It Be Addressed?"
Mazen Hassan, Cairo University

18 June 2024

Bonding Ties That Get Ahead: Family Social Capital and Early Career Outcomes”
Anna Manzoni, North Carolina State University

25 June 2024

Inequality and Clientelistic Linkage Strategies in Competitive Electoral Democracies”
Herbert Kitschelt, Duke University

09 July 2024

Representations of Inequality: An LLM Approach to Mapping Discussions of Inequality in Westminster Hall Debates from 2000 to 2023”
Sonja Zmerli / Michael Webb, Sciences Po Grenoble

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