The Methods and Data Hub provides several resources to help our researchers with their research needs.


The Methods and Data Hub sees itself as the first point of contact for the needs of all empirically working scientists and research projects. We are responsible for all organizational and technical questions that arise during data collection and data analysis. As we cannot help with all questions ourselves, we maintain a list of Cluster affiliates who are experts in specific methods. Furthermore, we work together with all relevant research support institutions at the University.


We organise access to a range of software packages for social science research and productive work. These include Stata, Overleaf, Limesurvey and Qualtrics. If there is a need for these or other services, please feel free to make a request to the Methods and Data Hub.

Access to Methods Labs

Cluster members have access to the methods labs at departments which are affiliated to the Cluster. We can assist you in finding the right equipment for your research and meet the user conditions of the labs. You can find an overview here.

Secure Data Room

The Secure Data Room is a place for working with sensitive data. It is already used for collaboration with the DIW (SOEP) but can be used for other data sets that require increased data security. Another service is the trusteeship of personal data and storage in the Secure Data Room. This means researchers have only pseudonyms available and can access personal data only in the Secure Data Room.

Space for Workshops and Collaboration

Workshops and Working Groups can book rooms and use Cluster resources for meetings. Contact us via email or go fill out this form.