Knowledge Transfer and Communication

Science has a responsibility to communicate. As researchers in the social and political sciences, we also have a responsibility to make our findings available to political decision-makers and society outside of scientific publications.

To this end, we publish our scientific findings in a series of policy papers, for example, which summarise our research in accessible language. In our biannual In_equality magazine, we also provide exciting, informative and entertaining insights into our topics and findings as well as the wider field of inequality research.

In addition to publications, we also communicate our research and ideas in numerous public and semi-public events, such as our international and interdisciplinary In_equality Conference, cooperation projects and in collaboration with the Konstanz Science Forum.

In our "Journalist-in-Residence" programme, we offer up to 6-month fellowships to selected journalists and media representatives who pursue their own projects on the topic of "inequality" at the Cluster and network with our researchers.