Senior Fellows

Our Senior Fellows are established, national and international scholars whose keen interest in inequality research chimes with the Cluster's research agenda

With our Senior Fellows program, we intend to bring additional expertise and international experience to Konstanz. Therefore, our Senior Fellows are researchers from outside the University of Konstanz with an established track record and international visibility, as well as a keen interest in the Cluster’s concepts and lines of research. They usually come to Konstanz for a stay of two to six months. Senior Fellows are full members of the Cluster and participate in our activities.

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fehr

Dietmar Fehr is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at the University of Heidelberg. Previously, he worked at the University of Manheim, was Research Fellow at the Wissenschaftszentrum Belin, and was a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley and Dartmouth College. He is doing research in Political Economy, Inequality and Poverty, Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Development Economics. His research methods are applied microeconomics, laboratory experiments and survey design.

During his stay as an External Senior Fellow, he works on the project “Wealth inequality, housing, and support for redistributive policies”. In htis project, he connects the two separate literatures on the role of housing for wealth accumulation and meritocratic fairness. Specifically, he addresses the concern that the booming housing market, in combination with a high level of wealth inequality, reinforces inequality and has spillovers on the social fabric of society by distorting aspirations and fairness views.