Senior Fellows

Our Senior Fellows are established, national and international scholars whose keen interest in inequality research chimes with the Cluster's research agenda

With our Senior Fellows program, we intend to bring additional expertise and international experience to Konstanz. Therefore, our Senior Fellows are researchers from outside the University of Konstanz with an established track record and international visibility, as well as a keen interest in the Cluster’s concepts and lines of research. They usually come to Konstanz for a stay of two to six months. Senior Fellows are full members of the Cluster and participate in our activities.

Prof. Aina Gallego, Ph.D.

Aina Gallego is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Barcelona and a Research Associate at Institut de Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals and the Institute of Political Economy and Governance. She works in the areas of political behavior and political economy.

She is interested in the political consequences of automation and digitalization on political behavior. The questions she has tackled include: a) to what extent are citizens worried about technological change as a source of labor market risk; b) the impact of working in digitalizing industries on support for political parties; c) public support for different policies designed to help workers displaced by automation; d) the differential impact of the covid-19 pandemic on workers in jobs at high and low automation risk.

She also investigates how the individual characteristics of politicians affect the issues they choose to discuss and the public policies they implement in office, including the followin questions: a) how dishonesty helps politicians remain in office; b) how politicians learn from citizen feedback; c)  the historical origins of differences in the political representation of women across geographic areas; d) how electing more educated politicians affects fiscal policies.

Find out more about Aina on her website.