A large share of the Cluster's research activities takes place in projects that are supported by the Cluster following an annual call for proposals, and a peer-reviewed selection process.

The Cluster's "Research Project" funding line was launched in autumn 2019 to support excellent and innovative research. These projects are at the heart of the Cluster's efforts. They are set up by small teams of collaborating researchers in a competitive application process. Interdisciplinarity, the development of ambitious high-risk, high-reward project ideas, and international quality standards are the core criteria in selecting Cluster projects, which will then work on their research programs for up to four years.

Below you can find a list of all current projects. Furthermore, you can find externally funded projects of our PIs and friends here. Members of the University of Konstanz can also find some information on the Cluster's seed funding projects, from which our project structure was originally developed.

The current round's ongoing call for project proposals is open to all qualified researchers at the University of Konstanz and is available here.

Overview of Cluster Projects