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    Almost at the same time, we send out our first round of calls for applications: we are looking for Postdoctoral Research Fellows (external and internal applicants welcome), Senior Fellows (external) and Internal Senior Fellows (as the name says...).

    Our Fellows will be of central importance to our success, so we are looking forward to many strong applications. Make it hard for us to decide!

  • The Politics of Inequality

    Inequality has political consequences. Inequality has political causes. Although the investigation of inequality is highly relevant within the social sciences, the correlations between inequality and political processes have for the most part remained in the blind spot of research endeavours.


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Workplace Discrimination

Prof. Florian Kunze (University of Konstanz, Cluster of Excellence „The Politics of Inequality“) and Max Reinwald (University of Konstanz, Graduate School for Decision Sciences) investigate workplace behavior of employees who are in the minority in their teams.

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