Film & Talk

    Together with the Zebra Kino, we cordially invite you to Film & Talk. Our guests are the director Tine Kugler, the sociologist Katja Pomianowicz from the Cluster of Excellence “The Politics of Inequality”, and social worker Silvio Marketwitz (Youth Welfare Office Bodenseekreis). Following the film screening, they will discuss the effects of social inequality, such as attributions, participation, and educational opportunities. Afterwards, all guests are invited to a small reception to speak personally to the protagonists of the talk.

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    Gloomy prospects:
    Konstanz Inequality Barometer shows that inequality is perceived to have increased

    Data from the new wave of the Konstanz Inequality Barometer shows that people in Germany perceive a widespread increase of inequality in income and wealth and barely distinguish between income and wealth inequality. This is despite the fact that wealth inequality is significantly larger than income inequality.

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  • Working Inequality

    Does automation take away jobs? Do office workers lose their jobs because they cannot work with new software? Many people view the increasing digitalization in the workplace as a threat – political scientist Thomas Kurer from the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality" studies the consequences for the political landscape in Germany.

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    Read the full issue of In_equality magazine: Working Inequality.

  • In_equality Colloquium Summer 2023

    The new programme is out! Find more information on the individual lectures here.

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    In_equality Conference 2024 is scheduled for 10-12 April 2024 at Bodenseeforum Konstanz - and once again fully online.

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Current news

High support for universal basic income

The majority of the population in Germany supports the introduction of an unconditional basic income. The analysis of two representative studies shows that the higher the basic income, the greater the approval. As a means of financing, most respondents support an increase in income and wealth taxes.

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Tracing charisma with avatars

Are mainly people of high status perceived as being charismatic? And what does this mean for people with lower status? An interdisciplinary research project at the University of Konstanz focuses on the charisma of politicians from socially marginalized backgrounds.

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