• Research Day

    With summer break coming up, the "Politics of Inequality" community got together for a "Research Day" at term's end to discuss the perceptions (and misperceptions) of inequality. Researchers of our center offered updates on their progress and presented their latest results - to lively discussion and exchange.

    Concluding the presentations, we had a lively fishbowl discussion on how we should be studying the perception of inequality, and what aspects have been given short shrift up to now, for instance, what should be the respective role of subjective vs. objective definitions of inequality.

    At the end of the day, it was great to meet up once more before scattering for a well-earned vacation for a special "Research Day". But how did one of our fellows put it? "Every day at the Cluster is research day!"

  • Climate Change in Science

    How should science address the threat of climate change? Science has a responsibility: not only in recognizing and naming the problems, but also in developing solutions. But how should it deal with the uncertainties and complexities of research in communicating knowledge? And how must science itself change in the face of these enormous challenges?

    These and other questions will be explored by the Wissenschaftsforum Konstanz in a public conference (in German) on "Klimwandel in der Wissenschaft" ("Climate Change in Science") on 11-12 November 2022. Further information on the conference can be found here.

  • Half-time!

    Half-time has been called for our first working period: our research center "The Politics of Inequality" has been running for three and a half years. Here we glance back at those years in an image gallery we put together for you. It is time to look back, take a breath - and then tackle the second half!

Current news



Cluster members visiting the "Challenging Inequalities" Summer Academy in Essen

From July 20th to July 23rd, seven postdoctoral and doctoral researchers from the Politics of Inequality Cluster of Excellence gathered in Essen with members of the University of Duisburg-Essen’s Institut für Sozioökonomie, SCRIPTS Cluster of Excellence, and several other external guests, for the “Challenging Inequalities” Summer Academy. Here you can read the participant's report.

Meet the Cluster Community: Theodoros Marinis

This week, get to know Prof. Dr. Theodoros Marinis! He is a professor at the Department of Linguistics at the University of Konstanz and PI in the cluster project "Students' Perceptions of Inequality and Fairness (PerFair)". Learn more about his work here!

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