"The Politics of Inequality" connects significant contributions from research on inequality from various disciplines in order to create a new focus on the relationships between inequality and political processes. A common denominator is the shared orientation towards empirical analysis and the social sciences that all research efforts will utilise. The methodological tools include survey research, comparative analyses, experimental methods, quantitative and qualitative research, case studies and mixed method designs.

The cluster initiative’s research will be carried out within the existing research infrastructure of the University of Konstanz: Inequality is an important topic spanning multiple research efforts within the Graduate School of Decision Sciences, which is being funded through the German Excellence Initiative. Content-related inter-linkages exist with the research area "Cultures of the Economy" within the Cluster of Excellence “Cultural Foundations of Social Integration, which is also being funded through the Excellence Initiative. Furthermore, “Political Dimensions of Inequality” also works with research institutions such as SurveyLAB and collaborates with the research initiative LingVisAnn as well as the Center for Multilingualism at the University of Konstanz. The research topic is especially relevant to university teaching in the MA programmes Political Economy andSocial and Economic Data Analysis.

The investigation of inequality profits from the existing top-level research at the University of Konstanz in the profile areas of Cultural Studies and Decision Sciences.