Fostering Inequality Research

Supporting researchers of all status groups

The University of Konstanz and the Cluster seek to offer doctoral students, postdocs, PIs/group leaders, and professors a wide variety of support. For some groups, there are specific offers, such as funding lines that are specifically aimed at the doctoral student in the final phase of the dissertation, or at the professor looking for a teaching substitute for research purposes. Other offerings are available to wider groups, including training that may be of use to all researchers in their earlier career stages, or various forms of support for families.

A complete overview of the various support opportunities, including direct links to all offerings, is available for download here:

support opportunities

Fostering Inequality Research

Funds and Grants

The University of Konstanz has established several funding lines, and the Cluster has created numerous new opportunities in this area to establish the best conditions for research projects of entire teams as well as for individual researchers. More information can be found here.

Training and Qualification

Each semester, the cluster offers a specific training program consisting of info sessions, workshops, and interdisciplinary roundtable discussions covering such topics as methods of inequality research and career development.

An overview of the various offerings can be found here.

Structures and Consulting

In addition to the facilities and specialized departments of the university, there are also some offers that the Cluster has newly created in the areas of infrastructure and personal consulting, especially in handling research data and the publication of research results. More information about structural offers of the university and the cluster can be found here.