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Joint projects

The Cluster annually announces project funds for interdisciplinary teams. Researchers from the University of Konstanz can implement their research ideas together with Principal Investigators of the Cluster and external inequality researchers. The selection is made in a peer-review process.

Jobs and Grants

Our Cluster of Excellence offers career opportunities to researchers at all levels of employment, as well as for journalists and experts in science management. New positions open regularly in Cluster projects, in the working groups of our principal investigators and in partner institutions at the University of Konstanz.
Project funds and fellowships are also regularly advertised by the Zukunftskolleg and the University.

A complete overview can be found in our Jobs and Grants section.

Doctoral Studies at the Cluster

The Cluster offers an interdisciplinary specialization in Inequality in the framework of the structured doctoral programme of the Graduate School of the Social and Behavioural Sciences (GSBS).  Doctoral researchers benefit from interdisciplinary training and innovative research opportunities. The Cluster offers a broad range of courses in the area of Inequality studies taught by our Principal Investigators and internationally renowned researchers, as well as intensive methods training in the Methods Hub.

More information on doctoral studies at the Cluster can be found here.

Fellowship Programs

The Cluster maintains various fellowship programs for different target groups:

  • Independent Doctoral Fellowships: doctoral researchers may apply with an independent doctoral project. Fellows will enrol in the structured doctoral program of the GSBS and course the Inequality Specialization offered by the Cluster. They receive a research allowance to cover expenses related to their research.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships: fellowships last between 12 and 24 months, during which fellows receive an employment contract with the University of Konstanz. During the fellowship, Postdoctoral Fellows pursue individual research projects. Fellows receive a research allowance to cover expenses related to their research.
  • External Senior Fellowships for guest stays by established researchers from Germany and around the world. Fellowships last from two to six months and include research funds and an allowance.
  • Journalists-in-Residence are invited to spend between six weeks and three months at the Cluster and devote themselves to a research or publication project.
  • Internal Senior Fellowships for senior researchers at the University of Konstanz. The fellowship finances a temporary replacement for teaching and administration in order for the Internal Senior Fellows to pursue a research project at the Cluster.