Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers

The Cluster takes numerous measures to promote the career development of its doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. It is our conviction that the most innovative project ideas emerge at the intersections between academic disciplines. Therefore, we provide different fora for interdisciplinary exchange. The Cluster’s Early Career Researchers are fully integrated in their respective departments, enabling them to build the solid track record in their home discipline needed for success in the academic job market.

Assembly of Early Career Researchers

The Cluster’s Early Career Researchers are organized in the Assembly of Early Career Researchers. The assembly elects a spokesperson, who represents the interests of the Early Career Researchers on the Cluster Board. The current spokespersons are Sophia Stutzmann and Nadja Wehl.

The assembly meets on a regular basis to discuss issues relevant to the Early Career Researchers community. The assembly also organizes yearly retreats, inviting external trainers and experts on issues such as communication skills. 


Each semester the Cluster offers a specific training program consisting of info events, workshops, and interdisciplinary roundtable discussions related to methods of inequality research and career development. For instance, as part of this program we have offered workshops on data visualization and project management, info events on data protection and support services for Early Career Researchers at the University of Konstanz, and roundtable discussions on publication strategies and on gaining visibility as a researcher. For the most recent program, please see here.

The University of Konstanz provides further measures to support the career development of Early Career Researchers. The Academic Staff Development unit organizes seminars and workshops to further improve research, teaching and management skills and offers coaching and career advice. The Research Support unit, in turn, offers advice on grant proposal writing and support in obtaining funding for research projects.