Research Data

Cluster Research Data

We provide access to datasets that were compiled by Cluster researchers via the GESIS data repository. Researchers at the Cluster are expected to follow our Research Data Policy. Sharing the results of our data collection efforts not only stimulates research but also enhances visibility of our researchers. To achieve this, we ensure good visibility of the data through appropriate keywords and promote the data sets in the scientific community. If you want to publish a dataset that has been funded in any way by the Cluster, please reach out to us using the contact details in the info-box.

Research Data Management

Cluster researchers can contact us when they need advice or resources for handling their research data in the course of their research project. This might concern data protection or technical issues. We also provide training on how to publish research data for members of the Cluster.

Data Consultancy

Cluster researchers can contact us when they are looking for specific datasets. We help with selection, access, contracts, data protection. We are maintain a list of national and international research data with regard to topics of interest for researchers at the Cluster.


Research data has to be visible in order to have impact. We maintain a catalogue of metadata specific for the topics of the Cluster.


We are providing access to sensitive SOEP data and we are providing help in getting to work with these complex data-sets. You can find more information about data access here.