Social Science Labs and Centers at the University of Konstanz

The Methods and Data Hub allows our cluster’s members to access a repository of expertise, cultivate innovative research designs and generate an environment for collective learning about methodology.

By marshalling existing expertise, setting up a custom-made infrastructure and managing cluster-generated high-quality data, the Methods and Data Hub will support researchers in making important contributions to the study of inequality.

Five current institutions will contribute to the Methods and Data Hub and form the methodological backbone of the cluster:  


Directed by Prof. Urs Fischbacher for conducting experiments in the research area of Perceptions. Developers of zTree, the Zurich Toolbox for Readymade Economic Experiments.


Directed by Prof. Thomas Hinz for planning and implementing web- and telephone-based surveys.   

Center for Data and Methods

Directed by Prof. Susumi Shikano and Prof. Peter Selb for advancing methodological insights in computational social science, social media analysis as well as experimental and survey research.


Directed by Prof. Tanja Kupisch (Psycholinguistics Lab) for supporting techniques such as eye-tracking and other online and offline measures; and Prof. Miriam Butt (Computational Linguistics Lab) for operationalising deep linguistic insights for automated text processing.