The Methods and Data Hub provides activities to foster learning of cutting edge research methods and stimulate cooperation among researchers at the Cluster.

Training at the Methods and Data Hub

The training workshops offered by the Methods and Data Hub are complementary to the existing methodological courses at the University of Konstanz, both in terms of content and format. This means that they are usually short and applied. Ideally, an application example is worked through step by step with the participants. In addition to the promotion of methodological competence, networking is another goal of the training formats. Therefore, some workshops are offered as retreats.

Upcoming Training Session: How to Publish my Data, Thursday 15th February 2024, Y213 and Online

Working groups

Learning and research is best done in groups. therefore, the Methods and Data Hub hosts Working Groups and provides rooms and resources. The Working Groups can be initiated by the Methods and Data Hub or formed independently. Usually they are self-coordinated and meet regularly.

You can apply for inclusion of your Working Group in the Methods and Data Hub if you are a researcher at the Cluster.

Methods Training at the University

The University of Konstanz already offers a wide range of methods seminars spread across several departments. For each semester, the Methods and Data Hub compiles a list of lectures and workshops that take place at the university and to which cluster members have access.

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