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Inequality and the coronavirus

Doesn’t the coronavirus pandemic make us all equal? Where will society stand after the crisis? What can the welfare state do, and will the population’s trust remain unchanged? Professor Marius R. Busemeyer, inequality researcher at the University of Konstanz, answers these questions in an interview.

Conspiracy theories in conjunction with Covid-19.

Interview with expert Andreas Jungherr in text and video form: What role do disinformation and misinformation as well as conspiracy theories play in our dealings with the virus? How dangerous are they and how do they spread via social media? What can science, what can legislation do to counter fake news in times of Covid-19?

The effects of remote work

Organizational researchers at the University of Konstanz study how the way we work is changing as a result of working from home because of the Covid 19 epidemic.

Immune to influence

A University of Konstanz study examining vaccine-related attitudes reveals that our beliefs are so resilient that we effectively immunize ourselves to the opinions of others.