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Cluster Workshop

On January 23-24, 2020, the Cluster hosted a workshop under the title "Digitalization, Automation and the Future of the Welfare State", which focused on the implications of the digital transformation of work for labor markets and the welfare state. Organized by Cluster speaker Marius R. Busemeyer, the interdisciplinary workshop brought together a number of scholars from the Universities of Konstanz, Zurich, Harvard, Aarhus, Erfurt and Warwick.

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Torben Iversen: "Reinventing Capitalism"

Renowned Danish political economist Torben Iversen of Harvard University gave a knowledgeable and inspiring lecture at the Cluster. He presented the research that entered into his and David Soskice’s recent highly-regarded book “Democracy and Prosperity: Reinventing Capitalism Through a Turbulent Century”.

Immune to influence

A University of Konstanz study examining vaccine-related attitudes reveals that our beliefs are so resilient that we effectively immunize ourselves to the opinions of others.

Die digitale Zukunft droht ungerecht zu werden

Der digitale Wandel könnte Ungleichheiten auf dem Arbeitsmarkt verstärken. Ob die Politik einen Ausgleich findet, wird die Zukunft des westlichen Kapitalismus definieren, glaubt Marius Busemeyer von der Uni Konstanz. Eine Lösung dürfte im Bildungssektor liegen.

Ein Meinungsbeitrag von Marius R. Busemeyer im Tagesspiegel Background "Digitalisierung & KI"

"Populism and Social Inequality – Current Debates"

As part of the 2019 Berlin Science Week, the two social sciences Clusters of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality" and "Contestations of the Liberal Script - SCRIPTS" invited the public to take part in a panel discussion on the question how populism and social inequality are related.

Konstanz "Fridays for Future" school strike. Image: University of Konstanz

Fridays for Future has the potential to become a mass movement

Researchers at the University of Konstanz and the University of Mannheim release analysis of a national survey in Germany: One in two Germans would be willing to take part in climate protests; more than one in three support a CO2 tax. These are the results of a national survey published by the organizational researchers Sebastian Koos (University of Konstanz) and Elias Naumann (University of Mannheim). The full text is available in German.

A Strong Accent on Service

For his investigation of job performance evaluations of migrants in service jobs, organizational researcher Prof Dr Florian Kunze has received an award for international research papers, presented by the Academy of Management division on “Organizational Behavior”.

Professor Miriam Butt

Member of the Academia Europaea

The Academia Europaea honours University of Konstanz linguist Professor Miriam Butt by voting to accept her as a member of the society