"Detecting Frames": Workshop on the Framing of Political Statements

On 01-02 August 2022, the Project “Framing Inequalities” held their interdisciplinary workshop on “Detecting Frames” at Hegne monastery near Konstanz.

On 01-02 August 2022, the Project “Framing Inequalities” held a long-awaited interdisciplinary workshop on “Detecting Frames” – planned since 2019, then postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and scheduling issues, now finally held with fresh presentations and all the more enthusiasm at Hegne monastery near Konstanz. With a number of distinguished guests specially invited for this workshop, the project team discussed both manual and computational methods for analyzing contents and tone of political texts. They debated how frames can be investigated using methods ranging from rather coarse topic modeling approaches down to individual examinations of presuppositions and other pragmatic cues. The organizers wish to express their thanks to all participants from Political and Communication Sciences, as well as General and Computational Linguistics, and especially the following for presenting their research:

Amber Boydstun (UC Davis)

Antske Fokkens (VU Amsterdam)

Chris Reed (University of Dundee)

Eyal Sagi (University of St. Francis)

Tobias Heidenreich (WZB Berlin)

Manfred Stede (Universität Potsdam)

David Beaver (University of Texas)

The organizers:
Miriam Butt, Regine Eckard, Anselm Fliethmann, Katharina Holzinger, Qi Yu