Meet the Cluster Community: Moath Hussien

1. Why are you studying inequality?

Because I find it instrumentally and intrinsically valuable: I want to learn how we can tackle (unfair) inequality in order to curb its negative consequences and to create more inclusive policies and just societies.

2. What are your working on?

My research project investigates how the processes of leaders’ selection can lead to unequal career prospects and how people perceive the resulting inequalities. This will be done by focusing on consistent behavior as a selection criterion of leaders. Shedding light on the origins of inequality in society can shape people's perceptions and preferences and lead to their political participation, which in turn can trigger policy action that can help combating inequality.

3. How did you end up here?

I have a passion for research and problem solving, I enjoy learning and I find my research field - Behavioral and Experimental Economics – highly interesting. Konstanz’s GSBS attracted me due to its interdisciplinary approach and the opportunity to work with researchers who are well-known experts in their fields and whose interests are in line with my own.

4. Dream research project?

Identifying what makes social and moral behavioral interventions and mechanisms that target the determinants of human behavior, and thus decision making, effective and sustainable (i.e. what works, when and why).

Moath Hussien is a PhD candidate at the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality" at the University of Konstanz. He is a member of the cluster project "Selection into Leadership and Perceptions of Inequality: The Case of Consistency". His research interests include behavioral and experimental economics, moral and social behavior and decision making.