Guest Researchers

Our guests are researchers from Germany, Europe and all over the world. They work on inequality and stay in Konstanz for a time to engage with scientists at the Cluster.

Dr. Adrian Rinscheid

Adrian Rinscheid is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Governance and Politics at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. His research interests comprise comparative politics, political behavior, and the role of political discourse in shaping perceptions, political agendas, and public policies. Currently,  Adrian investigates the socio-political drivers of transformation in the transport and energy sectors, and citizens' perceptions at the intersection of climate policies and economic inequality.

At the cluster, he collaborates with Prof. Marius Busemeyer to investigate citizens’ perceptions of fiscal policies that affect both income redistribution and transport behavior. Moreover, he conducts a study together with Prof. Sebastian Koos to understand whether and how covid-related restrictions influence citizens’ support for climate change policies.

You can reach him by mail.