Pessimism and political trends

In the current edition of the "Cicero Podcast Wissenschaft", Marius R. Busemeyer, speaker of the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality", spoke about the effects of the subjective perception of inequality on the political preferences of citizens and what is problematic about it.

"The topic of inequality is open to very different reference points, whether comparing oneself to the super-rich or to migrants. Therefore, it is quite popular as a narrative across party lines, but with varying interpretations or different party-political hues," explains Marius R. Busemeyer. In the Konstanz Inequality Barometer, a regular and large-scale survey, Busemeyer and his team find that the subjective perception of inequality is growing, leading to a generally pessimistic mood among the population. This has implications for the political preferences of citizens in Germany, with increasing support for right-wing populist parties: "And I believe we now have a kind of negative spiral, where political actors [...] benefit from this negative framing. [...] And it [is] very difficult to break through with positive messages," explains the Konstanz political scientist.

In the "Cicero Podcast Wissenschaft" of the magazine "Cicero – Magazin für politische Kultur", individuals from society, politics, economy, culture, and science discuss current topics with the editorial team once a week. Marius R. Busemeyer was in conversation with Axel Meyer (University of Konstanz) and Michael Sommer (University of Oldenburg).