Katrin Schmelz and Sebastian Findeisen Advise the Ministry of Finance

Behavioral economist and psychologist Dr. Katrin Schmelz and Economist Prof. Dr. Sebastian Findeisen were invited to a regular discussion panel at the Ministry of Finance of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The discussion panel, which is made up of economists, enables Finance Minister Dr. Danyal Bayaz to enter into an exchange with a regular group of researchers from the state of Baden-Württemberg. In his personal invitation, the Minister emphasized his wish to open up the Ministry of Finance to such an exchange on a systematic basis. During the months of the pandemic, he said, it was particularly the assessments and independent evaluation by scientists on which politicians as well as the public could rely. He expressed his hope that the work of the ministry could benefit greatly from an exchange with researchers from different disciplines and research fields.

The discussion panel met for its first meeting on Monday, 02 May 2022.

Dr. Katrin Schmelz is a behavioral economist and psychologist at the Chair of Applied Economic Research at the University of Konstanz, at the Thurgau Economic Institute (TWI), and the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality". Her research interests include the relationship between (intrinsic) motivation and incentives as well as the influence of culture and institutions on behavior.
Katrin Schmelz is a much sought-after expert on issues related to resistance to government action in the context of the pandemic, as well as the potential impact of mandatory vaccination. Her research on these topics attracted considerable media attention.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Findeisen is Professor of Economics, in particular Economic Policy, at the Department of Economics of the University of Konstanz, and Principal Investigator of the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality". His research focuses on the labor market, in particular its transformation in the wake of increased automation and digitalization, and the effects of globalization and urbanization.