Bees at an Ocroma Tree, Panama, © Christian Ziegler

Photo exhibition by Christian Ziegler

Have you ever seen the world’s largest bat swarm in Zambia? Or an ochroma tree full of bees in Panama? What about bonobos in the wild? If you answered even just one of these questions with “No”, then you probably haven’t been to the cluster’s new floor yet. Thirteen fascinating photographs related to collective behaviour have been on display in the corridor there since November 2021.

The photos were taken by Christian Ziegler, an outstanding photojournalist and filmmaker specializing in science-related topics. He works as an outreach photographer for the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour in Konstanz. For many CASCB projects too, we have been lucky enough to have him accompany our researchers with his camera. Ziegler is a regular contributor to National Geographic, and his work has also been widely published in other magazines, such as GEO. His aim is to highlight species and ecosystems under threat and to share their beauty and importance with a broad audience. The CASCB speakers and office team chose photos which are related to the cluster projects and show collective behaviour in a variety of ways.

Visit the photo exhibition ZT 9 in the VCC

Ants of the Genus Ectatomma, © Christian Ziegler