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Why study of collective behaviour must be 'crisis discipline'

Communications technologies have radically rewired our social interactions-and we know very little about what this means. An interdisciplinary team of researchers, from climate scientists to philosophers, make the case that the study of collective behavior must rise to a "crisis discipline," just like medicine, conservation and climate science have done.

Combining immunotherapies against cancer

CASCB immunologists, Dennis Horvath and Marcus Groettrup, develop a new vaccine that shows promising results. When combined with established immunotherapy drugs it improves the success of cancer treatment.

TEDx comes to Konstanz

In the spirit of the highly respected non-profit for “ideas worth spreading” and with a focus on patterns in nature and society, the TEDxKonstanz promises a kaleidoscopic experience of cutting-edge science, art, and technology. Keep your diary clear for four afternoons in March.