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Flying high for conservation

By developing revolutionary drone technologies, an ambitious new network will help push wildlife conservation into the 21st century

Conservation Tech Award for MoveApps

The MoveApps platform allows researchers and wildlife managers to quickly and easily analyze animal movement data – no special data analysis skills required. Now MoveApps has won the 2022 Conservation Tech Award. The free and open-source platform was developed by the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior in collaboration with the University of Konstanz.

What Darwin would discover today

Biologist Eduardo Sampaio researched octopuses off Cape Verde. He participated in a Citizen Science-led expedition that retraced the journey of Charles Darwin

Infektionsschutz nach Art der Ameisen

Öffentlicher Vortrag der Biologin Yuko Ulrich, der ersten Preisträgerin des Zukunftskolleg-Forschungspreises, am 18. November 2022 an der Universität Konstanz

Britta Renner im Amt bestätigt

Mitgliederversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ernährung wählt die Konstanzer Psychologin zu ihrer Vizepräsidentin

Keep the beat!

Rhythmic accuracy pays off, as researchers from Konstanz (Germany) and Israel show in their behavioural study on the courtship song of the rock hyrax. Males that sang more often and kept the beat with greater precision had higher reproductive success than their less rhythmically accurate peers.