CASCB Spring Retreat 2022

The CASCB Spring Retreat 2022 took place from 4-6 April at the VCC. The focus was on networking. We took advantage of the event to discuss science and exchange ideas together again in a larger group.

Video Recordings

CASCB Virtual Spring Retreat 2021

As a general motto, talks were invited by early career researchers alone, preferably by those who have been working on one of the original 13 starting or other cluster projects. Newcomers to the cluster were, or course, warmly welcome too. The program for the week included 29 short presentations plus one speaker´s plenary session on day one on CASCB´s vision and research landscape.

We keep a theme for each day´s presentation session, including „Signalling, social behavior and herd movement“ (Day 1), „Stress, brains and decision-making“ (Day 2), „Eat, learn, innovate, migrate“ (Day 3), „VR and Collective Sensing“ (Day 4), and „Measuring, analysing, visualising and modelling collective behaviour“ (Day 5).

CASCB Retreat 2019 Oct

The first retreat of the Centre for the advanced Study of Collective Behaviour in October 2019.