ANTS 2024 Conference

9. - 11. October 2024

VCC Building



The 14th International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (ANTS) will take place in Konstanz on 9-11 October 2024. The conference brings together world leading researchers and fosters scientific exchange in the field of swarm intelligence. The ANTS conference series is the leading conference in computational swarm intelligence, including behavioural models of social insects or animal societies that can stimulate new algorithmic approaches, empirical and theoretical research in swarm intelligence, application of swarm intelligence methods, as well as theoretical and experimental research in swarm robotics systems. It focuses on algorithms and methods inspired by models developed by researchers in ethology and animal behaviour to explain interesting aspects of collective behaviour (e.g., movement coordination, shape formation or decision-making). These algorithms and methods can be used to solve difficult problems in many domains. ANTS 2024 will give researchers in swarm intelligence the opportunity to meet, to present their latest research, and to discuss current developments and applications. Consequently, the conference is a perfect networking opportunity for the cluster’s researchers and will help to have world-leading computer scientists and engineers interested in collective behaviour here in Konstanz in person.