Student jobs and Internships

Are you a student and want to work with the Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour? We offer students a few ways to experience research at CASCB, from short term contracts to longer project-based internships related to our mission to uncover the fundamental principles that underlie collective behaviour.


Student assistants, or HiWis, play an important role in supporting research and administration for the Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour. Work contracts usually last for a minimum of three months and can be offered to students of the University of Konstanz.

For admin questions about hiring, contracts, wages, etc, visit the University of Konstanz HR site for student assistants.

Meet a HiWi: Jeny Durai

Porträt von Jeny Durai

DEGREE: master’s program of Computer and Information Science

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Data Analysis and Computer Graphics

What did you do at CASCB? I've worked mostly as administrative support for the Science Manager.  I've helped organize two conferences (iScientist and CMSB) and I was project coordinator for TEDxKonstanz.

What have your learned? Organizational skills and working as a team are important, transferrable skills that help in any career.  Working with CASCB gave me the space to develop these in real time projects.

Meet a Hiwi: Sylvia F. Garza

Porträt Sylvia F. Garza

DEGREE: Master's program of Biological Sciences

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Animal behaviour, science communication and outreach

What did you do at CASCB? I help maintain CASCB's website (updating events, members, publications, etc) and I am sometimes involved in creating informative content for it.

What have you learned? How to operate a Content Management System (and realize I enjoy it!), and I've gained a greater insight about science communication and networking, and what is required to run a scientific cluster. 


The Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour offers students the opportunity to be matched with our researchers to conduct projects on the topic of collective behaviour across our key disciplines of biology, psychology, economics, physics, and computer science. Embedded in a research group, interns will attend meetings, receive mentoring, and gain a real-world understanding of interdisciplinary, quantitative research in behavioural science.

Get to know our researchers and our research projects to help you focus on possible internships. And to apply, contact our Science Manager, Alexandra Wild.

Meet an Intern: Giacomo May

Porträt Giacomo May

DEGREE: about to start a Master's in Computer Science at LMU

RESEARCH INTERESTS: conservation biology, practical philosophy and software development

What did you do at CASCB? I worked on a 2-month project with the JordanLab - a group that works on social evolution of cichlids in Lake Tanganyika, Africa. I used Structure from Motion technology to reconstruct the natural environment of the fish from video recordings that were made in the lake. I then used Machine Learning algorithms to track the fish's movement and subsequently analyze the information flow in the group during events of predation. 

What have you learned?  I came here to gain insight into the world of research. This experience will help me when it comes to deciding in which direction I would like to go academically in the future. As far as skills are concerned, I am looking forward to doing some machine learning work as this can be applied almost anywhere. But just being part of a project and a lab is a very cool experience in itself.