Workshop “Political Economy - Theory Meets Empirics: Inequality, Mobility, and Institutions”

Dienstag, 24. September 2019
– Mittwoch, 25. September 2019

University of Konstanz, V building, rooms V1001 and V1002

Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality"

L. Bellani, S. Fehrler, V. Hahn, N. Hughes, S. Maurer, M. T. Schneider

For more details and the full program, please visit the workshop website.


The workshop series “Political Economy: Theory Meets Empirics” started in 2014 and has alreadybeen hosted twice in Konstanz (2015 and 2017). It has an established track record of attracting high-profile researchers and fostering the exchange between theorists and empiricists. This year, we want to put a particular focus on contributions that study important aspects of inequality, in particular the determinants and consequences of low intergenerational mobility, and the interplay between inequality, social mobility, and institutions.

Goals of the Workshop

We want to bring together researchers from different fields to give an overview over the current research frontier, and to raise awareness for the political economy implications of intergenerational mobility (or its lack). Moreover, we also want to bring together researchers that use different methodologies, further raising the awareness of the multitude of approaches andcreating productive exchanges between the different approaches. The close connection between theory and empirical research in this field makes workshops that facilitate the interaction of leading theorists and empirical researchers highly valuable. Hence the workshop will help establish new collaborations among researchers and thereby lay the foundation for new research projects, which will have the potential to result in publications in leading academic journals.

Another key goal of the workshop is to provide opportunities for young researchers to learn more about the current research frontier in the study of intergenerational mobility and political economy, and to interact with leading researchers in the fields.