Methods Training: Workflow of Research and Data Analysis

A good workflow of data analysis is an essential tool in our research. It saves time, facilitates collaborations and makes the research reproducible. In short, it is good scientific practice. But even though there are universal aspects of a good workflow of data analysis, there are other aspects that should fit to the individual working styles.

In this workshop, we want to provide space to reflect on the individual workflows and discuss pros and cons of different options. For this purpose, Rebecca Strauch and Maarten Buis, who both have extensive experience with data analysis in different contexts, will share their personal workflow and will give their personal assessment of widely known tools and practices.

The event will take place in Y213 and on Zoom. A Zoom-link will be sent to all Cluster members shortly before the event.

Presenter: Rebecca Strauch, Maarten Buis

Date: 30 June, 11:45-13:15

Participation: Cluster members, interested researchers from Uni Konstanz

Registration: No