Quality Assurance

The University of Konstanz has been system accredited since 2014, which certifies the high standard of the university’s quality assurance system. In the cluster, we take a two-pronged quality management strategy:

Firstly, we use existing and well-established quality assurance measures and practices for academia such as peer-reviewed publications and joint supervision of doctoral researchers. Similarly, the allocation of funding for cluster projects as well as the selection of researchers will be decided in clear and transparent processes, operating strictly on the basis of academic criteria and standards based on the principle of peer review. Also, the cluster’s decision-making bodies will regularly use the results produced by quality assurance measures to promote the continuous improvement of the cluster.

Secondly, we will take advantage of supplementary structures, which the university has established in the last decade at the central level, to externally monitor the quality of our administrative and support services. For example, the university’s Quality Management unit will administer a large mid-term review of the cluster after the first half of the first funding period of the cluster (and in similar regular intervals thereafter). This evaluation will provide a competent and independent assessment of the cluster, on the basis of which we will be able to react to changing conditions and general concerns.