Make Use of Cluster Facilities

The Cluster offers its members and other researchers at the University of Konstanz a range of facilities and services to use. These are being collated here.

Events at the Cluster

The Cluster's Managing Office will gladly lend assistance in planning, organizing and holding events at and around the Cluster. The main burden will, however, always lie with the organizers themselves. In order for you to keep track of everything and ensure an optimal workflow for your event, we have compiled a detailed checklist, including among other things much information on when and where the Cluster's Managing Office can support. The checklist is available for download here.

Rules for Acknowledgements

When publishing Cluster-related materials, and when organizing Cluster-funded events, there are certain mandatory elements that must be observed to fulfill DFG standards. These rules are available for download here.

Using Rooms at the Cluster

Cluster members and associated researchers at the University of Konstanz can book rooms at the Cluster for directly Cluster-related events. Please use the following online form for your booking request, and note a few points:

  • Please send your request at least one week in advance.
  • The rooms will not necessarily be free when you need them; after receiving your booking request by online form, we will contact you to inform you whether the room could be booked for you.
  • If you have student assistants, e.g. at your chair, we would be very grateful if these could assist us with furnishing the room for your event.
  • If you wish for your event to be advertised via the Cluster and/or University channels, please contact the Cluster's communication officer Paul Töbelmann separately.
  • Use of the videoconferencing facility may require coordination with Daniel Schröder, the cluster's IT support.


  • If the rooms in the cluster are not suitable or are already occupied, lecture halls and/or seminar rooms with video conferencing equipment can be booked via the room management.
  • The media equipment specialists of KIM will be happy to assist with technical questions.


As part of the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality" activities for our researchers with family responsibilities, the KidsBox provides customized support for pursuing a successful academic career while balancing work and family life. The KidsBox can be taken to the personal working space or meeting room for taking care of a child in exceptional circumstances. The KidsBox is a mobile nursery for babies and children up to the leaving age of primary school and was created by created by Polzer Innenausbau GmbH & Co. KG (learn more on the KidsBox website). It is equipped with wheels, which enable fast and safe transportation to your workplace. Visit our image gallery to seen what awaits you inside.

The KidsBox contains:

  • Travel cot (for kids weighting up to 15kg)
  • Foldable mattress and yoga matting enables playing on the ground
  • Fast table chair fitting on the edge of a desk (for kids weighting up to 15kg)
  • Stool und desk for older kids
  • Books, puzzles, toys, pencils, more
  • Consumables (tissues, disposable changing mat, disinfectant)

Since the KidsBox offers communally used goods, please make sure to familiarize yourself with the user's manual.

On 6 March 2020, the KidsBox was opened with a little ceremony. Read here how it went.