In_equality Colloquium Winter 2022/2023

The In_equality Colloquium takes place in Room Y213. Talks are being livestreamed via Zoom.

The colloquium usually takes place on Tuesdays, 11:45 a.m. MET. Cluster members and registered guest receive participation information in time for each event. Guests are cordially welcome - please register (↓↓ bottom of the page ↓↓) to receive information on each talk.


08 November 2022
Nathalie Giger (Université de Genève)

15 November 2022 --> postponed to 20 December 2022
Luna Bellani / Marius R. Busemeyer (University of Konstanz, Cluster Project "Inequality-Barometer")

29 November 2022
Carsten Jensen (Aarhus University)

06 Dezember 2022
Dietmar Fehr (Heidelberg University)

13 Dezember 2022 (18:15 to 19:46!) - organized together with Colloquium "Empirical Social Research"
Bernhard Ebbinghaus (University of Mannheim)

15 Dezember 2022 (10:00 to 11:30!)
Jonas Pontusson (Université de Genève)

17 Januar 2022
Qi Yu (University of Konstanz, Cluster Project "Framing Inequalities")

24 Januar 2023
Alexander Horn (University of Konstanz, Emmy Noether Group "Varieties of Egalitarianism: Mapping the Politics of Inequality with Online Crowdcoding")

07 February 2023
Simone M. Schneider (MPI for Social Law and Social Policy)