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The Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour will create a global hotspot for the integrated study of collective behaviour across a wide range of species and scales of organisation. With English as the working language, it will be a global hub for scientists seeking to create a synergistic, interdisciplinary environment for the study of collective behavior. Establishing collective behaviour as an integrative field, the Centre will bring together international researchers from biology, computer science, social psychology, physics, and behavioural economics to work closely on addressing common questions across species boundaries.


The Centre is recruiting PhD and Post-doc positions in collective behaviour.  Candidates should be interested in interdisciplinary behavioural research that crosses boundaries of scale and species. Positions are open in the following projects. Detailed information can be found in the linked pages. To apply, contact the advisor on each project. Applications must include a CV, two letters of reference, and a 1-2 page research statement describing your main research interests and relevant skillsets, how they developed, and how they relate to the proposed research project.

Detailed description of projects and positions

About the University of Konstanz

The Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour will be located at the University of Konstanz, an elite University of Excellence and ranked #1 young university in Germany. The Konstanz research portfolio includes “Collective Behaviour and Ecology" as one of five research foci. The university is committed to Open Science and all members of our Centre must be committed to ethical, transparent and open science. Konstanz has an active and successful dual-career partner placement program and a strong commitment to work-life balance and family-friendly programs for faculty and staff. The campus hosts an exceptional childcare facility with support for childcare during emergencies, conferences, or travel. Konstanz is a vibrant small city located on the border between Germany and Switzerland, on the shores of the Bodensee (Lake Constance). It is easy to get out into the beautiful German and Swiss countryside and the Alps, as well as to neighboring Zurich and Munich.