The Academy of Sociology 2nd Conference "Digital Societies"

Wednesday, 25. September 2019
– Friday, 27. September 2019

University of Konstanz

Akademie für Soziologie e.V. (AS) / Academy of Sociology

TheAcademy of Sociology 2nd Conference"Digital Societies"

25-27 September, Konstanz

Digitalization is one of the megatrends of our century and affects numerous aspects of social life. The social sciences as well as the public have just begun to study and understand the deep structural changes that come with digitalization. Yet, the complex mixture of opportunities and risks in many areas of social life that are associated with this transformation call for a more comprehensive and thorough evaluation by the social sciences.

This year’s AS conference therefore calls on researchers to take up this challenge and provide substantive empirical research, methodological discussions, or theoretical contributions on digitalization with respect to all aspects of social life.

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Conference Schedule

The conference will host selected invited speakers, and panels with contributors from academia, media, economy, and politics. In addition, we will have panel discussions on open science initiatives and research data infrastructure.

Invited speakers include:

- Andreas Diekmann, ETH Zurich (CH) and University of Leipzig (DE)
- Jana Diesner, University of Illinois (USA)
- Dirk Helbing, ETH Zurich (CH)
- Ridhi Kashyap, University of Oxford (UK)
- Michael Maes, University of Groningen (NL)
- Suzy Moat, University of Warwick (UK)
- Sophie Mützel, University of Lucerne (CH)
- Wojtek Przepiorka, University of Utrecht (NL)
- Markus Strohmaier, RWTH Aachen and GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (DE)
- Claudia Wagner, University Koblenz-Landau and GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (DE)
- Nils Weidmann, University of Konstanz (DE)
- Emilio Zagheni, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (DE) and Washington State University, Seattle (US)