Seminar Series

Winter Semester 2019: Mondays at 11:45-12:45, M629

Our weekly seminar series features invited guests and internal members to present work across the spectrum of collective behaviour research. Participation is open with no RSVP needed.

Following the seminar we host a light networking lunch open only to registered participants. Please RSVP by clicking the links below. If you are on a mobile device, scroll right to view the next two columns.

Date Presenter Talk Title Networking Lunch
21.10.2019 NO TALK NO TALK  
28.10.2019 Mirco Tribastone Automatic simplification of large-scale reaction networks RSVP (28/10)
04.11.2019 CASCB ECRs Blair Costelloe, Bernadette Denk, Irenaeus Wolff RSVP (04/11)
11.11.2019 CASCB Support for researchers: get to know the programs and people that help you RSVP (11/11)
18.11.2019 Barbara König The evolutionary significance of social interactions – a case study in house mice RSVP (18/11)
25.11.2019 Fábio Daura-Jorge Effects of an unusual foraging specialisation in a dolphin population RSVP (25/11)
02.12.2019 Ulrik Brandes Groups in social networks RSVP (02/12)
09.12.2019 Naomi Leonard Resilience and the dynamics of spreading processes RSVP (09/12)
16.12.2019 Charles Efferson The promise and the peril of using social influence to reverse harmful traditions RSVP (16/12)
13.01.2020 Winfried Pohlmeier  Estimating peer effects from network data RSVP (13/01)
20.01.2020 Anja Weidenmüller Temperature homeostasis in Bumblebee colonies RSVP (20/01)
27.01.2020 Thomas Hinz Xenophobic events as a collective phenomenon? Spatial analyses of arson attacks in Germany 2015-2017 RSVP (27/01)
03.02.2020 Clemens Bechinger Group formation and cohesion of active particles with visual perception-dependent motility RSVP (03/02)
10.02.2020 Meg Crofoot TBA RSVP (10/02)