Seminar Series

Summer Semester 2019: Mondays at 11:45-12:45, M627

DatePresenterTalk Title
29.04.2019Lucy Aplin How social and environmental dynamics determine the spread and patterning of cultural behaviour in birds
06.05.2019Mate Nagy Group coordination, decision-making and collective sensing in animal groups. 
13.05.2019 Alex Jordan Limitations on our interpretations of animal behaviour, and how machines might help. Watch video recording
20.05.2019Tatjana PetrovData-informed parameter synthesis for stochastic population models. Watch video recording
27.05.2019Fernando Peruani

Intermittent behavior across scales in biology. Watch video recording

03.06.2019Harald Schupp Brain synchronization: functional neuroimaging as a tool to study group processes. Watch video recording
17.06.2019Oliver Deussen Non-photorealistic rendering: how to display and abstract objects for humans. Watch video recording
24.06.2019Einat Couzin-Fuchs

Active perception: the role of motion in insect olfaction. Watch video recording

01.07.2019Wolfgang Gaissmaier From individual decisions to collective behaviour. Watch video recording
08.07.2019Mark Laidre Architectural foundations of collective behaviour in nature’s housing market. Watch video recording