Image courtesy of Colin Twomey

Current Trends in Computational Modeling of Collective Systems


April 21, 2020 - July 14, 2020


Tatjana Petrov and Stefano Tognazzi (Computer and Information Science); Jacob Davidson (Biology)


Current trends in computational modeling of collective systems is an interdisciplinary seminar course for students to become familiar with literature on modeling collective systems. This semester we will focus on spreading processes in collectives, such as epidemics. We broadly divide the papers into theoretical/model-driven (e.g. simulation, model reduction, parameter inference), experimental/data-driven (e.g. prediction and forecasting, quantitative behaviour classification via tracking, behavioural decomposition, hypothesis testing via experimental perturbations), and review papers.

Students will practice presentation, scientific discussion, and writing, the latter by writing a short project proposal related to the topics discussed during the seminar.

You will find a list of paper suggestions and the course schedule here.


Motivation to learn how to model and analyze collective behaviour. No specific background in biology is necessary.

Target group

Masters students in Computer Science and Biology.  Others are welcome to join for discussion.